Consilium® founded by Clinica Austria Altea, is a new service for all patients who want to discuss all details before taking further decisions of therapy.

Consilium® is the first and independent Second Opinion Center at the Costa Blanca. Consilium considers itself as a personal coach of patients and was also initiated thanks to the suggestions of various patients of the Clinica Austria.

Consilium® recommends further advanced procedures and therapies based on the personal clinical history and the exact examination of the patient.

Consilium® is not bound to any health facility, acts totally independent and selects specialists out of an international pool.

How to sign up for a consultation?

We generally advise to bring all your previous documents (laboratory sheets, x-ray or MRI findings (incl. CD), OP results etc.) with you to arrange the first appointment possible.

After a short review of your documents we arrange an appointment, usually in the afternoon, to have enough time for discussing all important facts and aspects.

In this temporally short period it might be necessary to call in selected and admitted experts, furthermore we will validate your daily medication with a focus on reducing adverse drug effects.

After expeditive evaluation of your symptoms it is our objective to make a scientifically justified diagnosis.

Finally, we will elaborate the most helpful therapy for you.

Consilium as your personal coach

In case of some in-patient stay with unsatisfactory treatment methods, Consilium® can realize a visit in the hospital.

Usually an acceptable solution will be achieved afterwards, either through clearing up a misunderstanding, resolving differences with responsible doctors or clinic administration, or through a new evaluation of diagnosis and following therapy.

After hospitalization

When leaving the hospital it is absolutely necessary for the further recovery process to receive all the required information and detailed instructions by the responsible department doctor.

Under certain circumstances misunderstandings can become life-threatening.

According to our experience in many cases patients are not instructed precisely about possible risks or correct procedures, neither in writing nor verbally. Medication for the following days is hardly ever given, prescriptions are often not recognized as such by the patient.

And last but not least, sometimes language and/or acoustic deficits add to the list of problems. This leads to a fatal mixture which guarantees a total therapy failure at home.

We advise every patient to consult his practitioner immediately after leaving the hospital. He has the best knowledge of his patients and is able to control therapy and adjust medication.

When immediate repatriation is unavoidable

In this case contact your practitioner who can determine your fitness to travel and recommend you suitable means of transport.

If I need help at home

In that case contact Consilium®. We can help you find a nurse or other auxiliary personnel for your home – daytime or 24/7.

Is Consilium the first second opinion center?

Since 2013 there exists a second opinion center in the city hospital of Dortmund, “Klinikum Dortmund”. In their first year of investigation an impressive number of unnecessary operations was evaluated: Concerning the orthopedic department 66% of all highly recommended operations could have been prevented, as well as 50% in the neurosurgery department!


You can find the original text here: Klinikum Dortmund Zweitmeinungszentrum